Drawing on canvas
50 x 60 in. (127 x 152.4 cm)
Several technical memory aids: "top of cab" "boiler" etc.
Arthur Cohen
Photo: Chromatics


Begun in New York, NY. August 26 "at Waterville [Maine] saw a gt 4-6-2 locomotive. all over it - a monument of the Boston & Maine [railroad] to steam.", September 1, "at Waterville I took 10 snapshots of the locomotive '470' (a 4-6-2) which we first saw 26th Aug.)", 16 "looking over photos (deciding upon) for 60x48 of Pacific type;", 18 "Thoughts of the 50/50 of the 6-4-2", October 2 "ordered 60/50 stretcher", ED wrote his sister 4 October 1956 that he would "begin the 60 x 50 of the locomotive soon." Began October 10, 12 "Denver & I stretched 60 x 50 poor stretcher - expessly made.", 13 finished stretching & planning, 24 drew, 26 drew, 29 drew, 31 drew, November 2 drew, 5 drew "(made a laughable mistake)", 7 drew, 9 drew, 12 drew, 16 drew, 17, drew, 30 drew. The oil on canvas received some preparatory drawing for a painting but was abandoned. Letter to Richard Parmenter, 22 July 1965, refers to locomotives on display in Waterville, ME, and Nashville, TN. "I planned a 60-50 of one of them standing on a tressel [sic] below which could be seen a river. I stretched & commenced this great-black-hope but it collapsed on me before I really undertook it. I began it too late - alas!"


Frances Dickinson
Sheila Miles
Arthur Cohen

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