About the Catalogue

The Edwin Dickinson Catalogue Raisonné


Helen Dickinson Baldwin


The information in this catalogue raisonné has been acquired and organized over fifteen years by Helen Dickinson Baldwin, an art historian and the daughter of the artist.  Her primary sources have been more than sixty years of daily journals kept by her father and much of his large personal correspondence.  In addition, Mrs. Baldwin has collected an extensive library of publications; books, critical articles, exhibition catalogues, reviews and recorded interviews.  Her work has been supported by her husband, by the artist's widow Frances F. Dickinson, and by the artist's son, Edwin Constant Dickinson.

The design and production of the catalogue in this electronic form have been a cooperative venture by Helen's husband, Robert Baldwin, a designer, and Roger and Susannah Shepherd, the creative team at panOpticon who employed their technical expertise in producing the software and designing the website.

This catalogue of the work of Edwin Dickinson, 1891–1978, is offered without charge or any need to register.  As a web-based document changes and additions can be made by the Dickinson Estate as they occur or are discovered. Please assist us by reporting changes or additions to Steven Baldwin, Mark Green, or Jeremy Day. (see Credits and Contacts.)