Chair, Bowl and Mantilla

Provincetown, MA
Oil on composition board
24 x 20 in. (61 x 50.8 cm)
Inscriptions unknown
Joan Sonnabend
Photo: Anonymous (Copies of old images)


Painted in Provincetown, MA, Captain Lavendar's studio. November 27, 1968, it painted winter of 1912 or early 1913, (journal).


John Frederick Baldwin
Joan Sonnabend

Exhibition History

1968 Century Association: Centurians Associated with The Art Students League. Part Two: The Present
1970 Bristol Art Museum: An Exhibition of Paintings by Edwin Dickinson
1970 Cape Cod Conservatory: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson
1970 Wellfleet Art Gallery: Special Exhibition: Edwin Dickinson, Painting-Drawing, 1911-1950