Rocks & Water, Port Issol, West Side

Oil on canvas
29 x 36 1/4 in. (73.7 x 92.1 cm)
Dated, signed on right: "1938 E W Dickinson"
Inscribed on left: "Port Issol"
Gilbert Scharf


Painted at rock of Port Issol, February 23 (journal), west of Sanary-sur-Mer. ED note: "It was painted where there was barely room - a little bit as though it was the side of a small cliff. There was room enough for the easel and my feet, but no more and it is a pretty good sized oil on canvas. Since the amount of room was very small, one's movements were restricted very much and I suppose I looked at nature by turning my head sideways. It was right over deep water in the Mediterranean - water boiling around amongst some rocks."


Helen Dickinson Baldwin
Gilbert Scharf

Exhibition History

1938 Passedoit Gallery: Paintings by Edwin W. Dickinson
1939 Rochester Memorial Art Gallery: Paintings by Edwin Dickinson
1940 Wellesley College: Exhibition of Paintings by Edwin W. Dickinson, as "Rocks and Water, Port Issol"
1966 Katonah Gallery: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson
1966 Pennsylvania Academy: Paintings by Edwin Dickinson, as "Rocks and Water, Port Issol"
1970 Pratt Institute: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson
1990b Babcock Galleries: Edwin Dickinson, A Vision of Coast and Sea, as "Rocks & Water, Port Issol"
1992 Greenville: Edwin Dickinson, Wallace Putnam and Richard Maury