Orpha Matheson

Provincetown, MA
Oil on unknown
48 x 36 in. (121.9 x 91.4 cm)
Inscriptions unknown
Photo: Anonymous (Copies of old images)


Painted in Provincetown, MA, Captain Lavendar's Studio. ED boarded with the Matheson family on Commercial Street., opposite #368. The daughters Orpha and Margaret were good friends.. Margaret was a nurse in World War I and is listed on Provincetown's monument to its veterans ED is also listed and he was proud to be considered a Provincetown citizen. ED notes on back of an old photo say that it was an exceptionally cold year and he "kept a cod sheathed in ice on the 'bath tub' back of the studio for 3 mos." [months]. The cod was given him to paint by Captain. Frank Roderick .


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