Old Man Hines, Maymee Noons, Frances Silva

Provincetown, MA
Oil on canvas
60 x 48 in. (152.4 x 121.9 cm)
Inscriptions unknown
Photo: Anonymous (Copies of old images)


Painted in Provincetown, MA, in Captain Lavendar's studio, 2 Arch St, (ED note on reverse of old photo). Have negative of about 1916. It was ED's first large painting, its size being that of "The Cello Player"and " Ruin at Daphne." Journal, October 20, 1945: "overhauled a stretcher 4 x 5 which I got in 1914 & on which I painted a piece of Old Man Hines, Mayme Noons & Frances Silva (looking through the white chair.) Painted in my studio at the lumber yard # 5 or #1" [or Lavendar studio].


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