Luty's Garden

Sheldrake, NY
Oil on canvas
20 x 23 in. (50.8 x 58.4 cm)
Signed top left: "E W Dickinson"
Dated bottom right: "1939"
Inscribed bottom left: "Sheldrake"
Photo: John Tatge


Painted in Sheldrake, NY, July 2 (journal)."Luty" was Louise Walbridge Dickinson, (Mrs. Edwin Henry).


Frances Dickinson
Scharf Family Collection

Exhibition History

1942 Chatham: Work by Edwin Dickinson
1970 Pratt Institute: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson
1972 James Graham & Sons: Edwin Dickinson: An Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
1973 Nashville: Swan Ball Exhibition
1974 Cape Cod Conservatory: An Exhibition by Edwin Dickinson
1976 PAAM: Edwin Dickinson Retrospective