Maymee Noones, John Alden, A Boy Singing and Mrs. Marks

Provincetown, MA
Oil on panel
48 x 48 in. (121.9 x 121.9 cm)
Inscriptions unknown
Photo: Anonymous (Copies of old images)


Notes: Painted in Provincetown, MA, Day Lumberyard Studio #2. Dates of both 1913-1914 and 1914-1915 given by ED. ED notes: "48 x 48 L to R: Douglass Roach, balancing a spoon on his nose - John Allen singing - Mayme Noones - old Mrs. Marks -Mayme again with silver comb - foreground: coffee pot & bird cage - Background: Shr [schooner] mainsails. 1914 painted by Edwin Dickinson.""I was VERY [happy] when I was painting this one in Provincetown." Scene is set on a balcony and at far right there is part of a parasol. ED: "There is nothing nicer to draw than an umbrella."

To AWS, October 22, 1952, "Many years ago I did a 48 x 48, of four figures, a bird-cage, coffee pot, newspaper, other still life, ships, a balcony, a negro boy was balancing a spoon on his nose, etc etc, painted from nature." Had an over life-size head of a boy singing. Roach, 1909-1938, was a member of the only black family in Provincetown and was killed in the Spanish Civil War. There is a monument to him in Provincetown.



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