Paul Dyer's House

Wellfleet, MA
Oil on canvas
16 x 21 in. (40.6 x 53.3 cm)
Dated, signed on bottom: "1940 E W Dickinson"
Aaron Avellar
Photo: Robert A. Baldwin


Painted in Wellfleet, MA, October 24 (journal). Painting a gift to HHW as a "thank you" for her yearly gifts of her five daughters' out-grown clothing to Helen. It has been substantially repainted in an attempt to restore it. Frances F. Dickinson considers that little is left of ED's work. HDB considers that especially in the lower part it is still very ED.


Hazel Hawthorne Werner
Aaron Avellar

Exhibition History

1942 Passedoit Gallery: Paintings, Edwin Dickinson, as "Yellow House"
1976 PAAM: Edwin Dickinson Retrospective