Josephine Pattison's House

Provincetown, MA
Oil on canvas
15 x 18 in. (38.1 x 45.7 cm)
Signed, dated upper left: "E W Dickinson / 1925 [sic]"
Walter Maibaum
Photo: Beth Interlandi


Painted in Provincetown, MA, in winter on shore of harbor. Piece was dated many years after it was painted, the date "1925" is stylistically questionable and HDB believes an earlier date is most likely.


David Graham Baldwin
Frank Hogan
Walter Maibaum

Exhibition History

1926a PAA: as "Beach House"
1970 Bristol Art Museum: An Exhibition of Paintings by Edwin Dickinson, dated 1925
1970 Cape Cod Conservatory: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson, dated 1925
1970 Wellfleet Art Gallery: Special Exhibition: Edwin Dickinson, Painting-Drawing, 1911-1950
1994b Babcock Galleries: Works on Paper