Copper Bowl

New York, NY
Oil on canvas
14 x 14 in. (35.6 x 35.6 cm)
Signed, inscribed, dated upper corner:
"E W Dickinson ASL/1911"
on reverse: "By Edwin Dickinson 1911 ASL of N.Y. in the Chase
class (William M. Chase)" and "Gaby"
Private collection
Photo: Robert A. Baldwin


Painted in New York, NY. Cut down by artist from 24 x 24". "Gaby" was ED nickname in Chase class, after Gaby des Lys.


Private collection

Exhibition History

1970 Bristol Art Museum: An Exhibition of Paintings by Edwin Dickinson
1970 Cape Cod Conservatory: Paintings and Drawings by Edwin Dickinson
1970 Wellfleet Art Gallery: Special Exhibition: Edwin Dickinson, Painting-Drawing, 1911-1950