William Merril Fisher

New York, NY
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 in. (61 x 50.8 cm)
Signed, dated on bottom: "E W Dickinson 1917"
Photo: Anonymous (Copies of old images)


Painted in New York, NY. ED notes "Painted at 25 East 14th St. in '17 from a remarkable man who kept the copyists' room at the Metropolitan Museum. He went to sleep during the warm summer posing and his mouth dropped open which I took immediate advantage of and naturally he did not like it. When the eyes were closed the mouth was open, but they're both open in the portrait which I think was displeasing - I didn't blame him, but I never did anything about it. An admirable man, of whom I have an excellent portrait - a Nocturne on 14th St. - of Rohland [Paul] taking his girl home, lovingly, and Fisher appearing as a sleuth at the top of the stairs." See "Two Friends" 1917.


Walter A. Chrysler

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