South Wellfleet Inn

South Wellfleet, MA
Pencil on paper
8 5/8 x 11 7/8 in. (21.9 x 30.2 cm)
Inscribed, dated, signed on bottom: "South Wellfleet 1939 E W Dickinson"
Photo: Waddell Art Gallery


Drawn in South Wellfleet, MA, November 13, 15, of old South Wellfleet Inn. The Inn burned in winter 1939, and the round turret window was salvaged and placed in the south peak of the Dickinson house by December 21 (journal). This drawing inspired the large painting "South Wellfleet Inn," CR# begun in 1955. Journal June 2, 1955 "So. Wellfleet Inn came back fr 1 yr Smithsonian tour". Pl. 32, Goodrich, "Drawings of Edwin Dickinson."


Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey L. Waddell
Waddell Art Gallery

Exhibition History

1939a Passedoit Gallery: Recent Paintings and Drawings by Edwin W. Dickinson
1947 Kenneth Taylor Galleries: Edwin Dickinson, Paintings
1959 Boston University Art Gallery: Edwin Dickinson, Retrospective Exhibition
1965 Whitney: Edwin Dickinson. Major retrospective