19401941 & 1944
Wellfleet, MA
Oil on canvas
24 x 29 in. (61 x 73.7 cm)
Signed and dated along right side: "E W Dickinson 1944"
Inscribed at bottom: " Xmas CONSTANT"
Inscribed upper left corner:
"1st LOVE / 2" ?~ or "1st COVE / 2" ?~
Inscribed top right: "2 Jan. '44"
Inscribed upper right corner: "RP"
Private Collection
Photo: Babcock Galleries


Notes: Painted in Wellfleet, MA, the first painting done in studio built in 1940. Begun December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 "painted fiddle", 31 "painted fiddle"; 1941, January 1, 2 "fini", 3, boxed & sent it to Passedoit. 1949, May 30"Painted - finished the fiddle scroll on Constant's portrait." (dates from journals). Initials "RP" refer to old friend Dr. Richard Parmenter who lent $500 for the building of the studio. Later in the 1940s he forgave the debt. Format of painting is an outline of the interior of a French oval frame. It is unknown why ED dated the piece "1944." He put on a swatch of paint for the purpose.

To EHS, January 4, 1941: "I had promised to have a painting of a musical instrument in N.Y. by New Year, and my new studio, in which I was to paint it, was completed later than I had planned. (This piece is for a show of musical instruments which opens Monday at Passedoits)."

COH: p 144;


Private Collection

Exhibition History

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